Tamara Lucas of NW Pugs

Northwest Pugs is owned and operated by Tamara Lucas, Owner, Breeder and Exhibitor of AKC Pugs and French Bulldogs and daughter Kelsey Love.

Located near Portland, Oregon, Tamara is a proud member of the American Kennel Club, the Puget Sound Pug Dog club and the Columbia River Pug Fanciers. Kelsey resides in Two Rivers, Alaska and you can find her on Instagram @NWPugs_Alaska.

Tamara grew up on a working farm in Oregon, where among other things, her family ran a successful dog kennel and breeding program that was founded in the 1960’s. Tamara’s mother showed dogs in many AKC shows, earning the title of Champion in many of them, and also instilling a passion in her daughter Kelsey for breeding and raising quality dogs early on.

NW Pugs was previously “Look At Us Kennels,” specializing in Miniature Dachshunds. Tamara raised dachshunds for many years until she met her first pug, literally falling in love at first site. Tamara has been raising pugs ever since!

For nearly 30 years, NW Pugs has been working hard to improve its breeding program, importing a few fine pugs from other states and building off its own quality pups. NW Pugs has produced a few that have earned Championship status, and now, with her daughter Kelsey, this mother and daughter team is now serving multiple areas in the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, WA, and also Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska. As a multi-generational breeding team, we are excited to continue to produce quality pups who are destined to attain Champion status in the show ring or the home!

Northwest Pugs proudly supports the rescue and welfare of all pugs, and is an active volunteer for the Church of Pug Rescue & Rehabilitation Organization.